Welcome to the HBP Open Day 2018! 

On behalf of the Local organizing committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Open Day of the 6th Annual Human Brain Project Summit in the city of Maastricht! I would like to thank the University Fund Limburg for helping make the Open Day possible. We have prepared an exciting programme that will be of great interest not only for our colleagues from the Human Brain Project (HBP) but also for the general public interested in the latest developments on how modern computing technologies enhance our understanding of the human brain and how this knowledge can be applied to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for brain disorders.


A particular exciting part of the Open Day is the Science Market where HBP members present their work in the form of demos and experiences throughout the day allowing you, for example, to explore the brain in virtual and augmented reality or to interact with smart robots. Another highlight are keynote lectures from two highly distinguished and well-known scientists, Dick Swaab from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Jeff Hawkins from California, USA.


In the afternoon session researchers from Maastricht and the Netherlands will present selected highlights of local top research that is directly related to the mission of the Human Brain Project. Another highlight is the “Big Data in Clinical Neuroscience” session that will present big data studies in Europe including a presentation about the Maastricht study.


Maastricht University is involved in the HBP mainly via our Maastricht Brain Imaging Center (M-BIC) and the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience (CN) that I am heading. We are performing leading-edge cognitive brain research and develop new analysis methods for standard and ultrahigh field MRI. We use the high-resolution multi-scale MR imaging data of the human brain as constraints to develop and testing computational cognitive theories of information processing. Our unique equipment, including 7 and 9.4 Tesla human MRI scanners and our computational expertise allow us to investigate the relationship of mind and brain at both a macroscopic level as well as at a mesoscopic level of cortical layers and cortical columns. We provide the gained knowledge to the HBP atlas and use it to build computational architectures of visuo-motor integration tasks in the context of Co-Design Project 4 of the HBP by using and co-developing IT infrastructures. Our research greatly benefits from the possibilities of the HBP allowing to scale our computational models to high-performance computing platforms and to directly test our models in near real-time using embodied brains in the Neurorobotics Platform.


The HBP Open Day also raises great excitement outside our own department since Maastricht University has focused in recent years on topics that are strongly related to major HBP objectives, including multi-scale imaging ranging from nano to mm scales, big data analysis and population imaging (the Maastricht study), data science and robotics. The Summit will provide an outstanding environment for facilitating and encouraging fruitful interactions among HBP participants and with local innovators from academia and industry.


Sincerely yours,


Prof. Rainer Goebel


Local Host of the HBP Summit 2018

Head of Department Cognitive Neuroscience, Founding director of Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre (MBIC), Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience, Maastricht University, The Netherlands


MECC Maastricht has been appointed as the venue for the Open Day.

MECC Maastricht is a relatively new conference centre, opened in 1988.


Maastricht is an international city ,offering many opportunities. The city is located in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, close to international cities such as Aachen, Düsseldorf, Liège, Brussels and Antwerp. The diversity of European culture is clearly visible in Maastricht. It is for good reason that Maastricht stood at the cradle of the European Union in 1992 at the time of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty.

General information 

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Participation in the HBP Open Day is free, but registration is required.


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